University Development Center

  • The main role of the University Development Center is to initiate and support activities, which have positive impact on university development and internationalization. Our focus is on fundraising for research and educational projects and initiate activities supporting mobility of staff and students. Our Center supports academics in choosing the most relevant program, structure their ideas into a project, build an international partnership and apply for a grant.
  • The University Development Center integrates the work of 3 offices;

    • Research and Structural Programs Office,
    • International Educational Projects Office,
    • Science Office

  • The activities are focused on 2 main areas:

    1. International research and educational projects
    2. National research and educational projects

  • We are providing our support for academics in scope of:

    •  up to date information about state and international programs and calls for proposals,
    •  supporting the process of project planning and project proposal writing,
    •  project management and communication.

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